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Sometimes they are just regular iphone Won scams, however sometimes there are THOUSANDS of TSS Popups!

NOTE THE TRZ.MOO.COM Link is MY Redirect Link to a redirect site. Dont report my trz.mooo.com please as it is just a help for you to get to the pages quicker.

All of these links take you to advertising/tracking pages, please can an admin remove this.

@HTMLJonathan#4135 Looks like they go through fake domains which have a chance of redirecting to fake popups, or just other random BS.

You can try here for fresh numbers - Tech Support Scam - An important category of scam phone calls. View Recent Consumer Reports about Tech Support Scam enjoy ?


this one works 855-225-7470

his one works too, called me a manochard under his breath lol 866-357-4326

Last one then im off to bed I could barley hear him 855-760-8955

@joshwirus#4141 I called and heared someone yelling and smashing glass in the background lol

@lestert03#4155 Nice we must be getting under their madarchod skins ?

@HTMLJonathan#4135 Please contact me about such inquires about my first before contacting an admin.