Walmart Scam - 806-425-1123

Scammer’s Number:806-425-1123
Domains Used:
Extra Info:This website scamming daily with new new Number.

Hello thank you for calling we will get back to you as soon as possible message

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I’m on hold with them now, posing as a customer who got charged for a Walmart order but didn’t get the goods. Suprise surprise, the way to get it fixed is to buy Ebay “cancellation” cards :wink:. I’m on my way to the Dollar General now. :laughing:

Whoops! Meantime I reported their fake page and had it taken down. So sad, too bad.

site reported and suspended

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I had a long chat with the dude behind this scam. He called to curse me out for having his fake site taken down.

Then we got to talking, and he gave me the usual “I have no other options” story. But as I always tell them, there are over a billion people in India who aren’t scammers.

Another thing I tell them (which always seems to hit home) is that scammers like him are giving India a bad name in the world, which is a shame.

site is up and running again.

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Just checked, it’s not a fake Walmart site. That may be the actual owner’s page.