VSupport/Clohub IT Services

This is a link to my public version of the exposé of VSupport/Clohub IT Services.

Exposé of VSupport or Clohub - Live at 8pm GMT on 28th Nov 2021

This video exposes “Clohub IT Services”, a notorious scamming group who go by several aliases. They had to change their name from VSupport LLC in 2019 because of all the negative reviews i.e. They were exposed as scammers.

Now, they go by the names of CompTrue, GeeksOfSilicon, CompLoft, ITAssists and a few other names. No doubt, they will change again once this video goes live. Most of their websites and Facebook pages are still live, so there’s probably a short lifespan for the following links:

Company directors:
Santosh Panicker’s Facebook page
Parmeshwar Agrawal’s Facebook page
Karan Agrawal’s Facebook Page

Photos of all scammers in a Zoom call:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Their most recent phone numbers:
USA: 1-855-803-4639
Australia: 1300136990
New Zealand: 0800001431
Comloft Tech: 1-855-400-4243
CompTrue: 1-855-789-6818
CompTrueUK: 08000662548

A list of full scammer names with Facebooks where available:
Dinesh Paliwal
Wasim Raza
Faheem Khan
Harun Khan
Mohd Kadri
Narendra Meena
Pawan Khaturia
Pratibha Singh
Syzane Khan
Yakeen Awasthi
Kavish Kotai
Ullas Sharma
Yashwant Chaparwal
Farhat Khan
Umar Farukh
Rahul Sharma
Gurav Bhatnager (IT)
Rakesh Nayak
Chiraq Singh Rajput
Rahul Sharma
Lokender Singh
Pawan Kothari
Lokesh Paliwal
Hemant Panwar
Chinmay Sharma
Harsh Vyas
Gaurav Bhatnagar
Faheem Khan
Harun Khan
Mohd Kadri
Narendra Meena
Pawan Khaturia
Pratibha Singh

If you are a Cyber Police officer in Udaipur, please contact me. I can provide a list of victim details if you want to pursue a prosecution.

A the faces of their directors:
Santosh Panicker:

Parmeshwar Agrawal:

Karan Agrawal:

Links from other scambaiters:

Names and pictures of scammers (before the Facebook page is pulled):


Comptru was exposed earlier in the year https://scammer.info/t/comptrue-tech-support-scam/67541
They were hit pretty bad. They couldn’t have a toll free number on their site for a while because of it. Glad to see them hit harder this time. Hopefully closing for good.


I’m guessing they’re getting tired of us, I was on hold for 6 minutes then just heard a pre-recorded “goodbye” and they hung up


So sad I missed the window to crank call, they’ve even privated facebook. I suppose you can’t expect more from cowards.


Hi @JimBrowning11 am a patron of yours and was doing some research on Google and Parameshwar Agarwal one the directors mentioned might be the same guy who was also involved with PCCare247 going by this case here - PCCare247 Inc., et al. | Federal Trade Commission

Another name Yakeen also makes an appearance on both (group call and the link below). My guess is its the same people running this scam. Probably time for FTC to get involved again.


Video of a victim who lost $10,000 to V Support of Udaipur, Rajsathan, India

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Shubham Maru

SEO Executive at Clohub IT Services Pvt. Ltd

Elearno It Services Private Limited
Director Parmeshwar Agrawal

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They are also in the process of hiring lol

Check out this advert.
Job Opening : IT Admin Executive
Company - Clohub IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Experience : Minimum 1 year of relevant experience in Hardware and Networking

Preferred Skills :

  1. Monitor and ensure network uptime of company network.
  2. Able to troubleshoot LAN/WAN issues
  3. Computer Hardware
  4. Networking

Job Description:
Good command in IT and able to troubleshoot System and network related problems and keep 90% uptime of all respective devices.
Excellent TCP/ IP networking skills & Basic in Firewalls. Should have knowledge of routers switch and voip calling. Strong communication / interpersonal skills

Benefits – Salary is very good and negotiable as per experience
Job Location - Udaipur
Contact number: 8003690041
E-mail - [email protected]


Looks like he’s deleted that one too.

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Did you apply? :joy:

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This company too is floated by the same 2 scammers Parameshwar Agrawal & Karan Agrawal. THe contact addresses on both match to the same organisation. Time for some calls?




its a real shame that even with this information these people havent been made wanted in canada usa and uk. The RCMP are terrible at their jobs in stopping scams, eg they dont actually do anything. They should be on interpols website as well.


Some very interesting email addresses and company details here.


This is a Facebook page they don’t want you to know about

See elearno.com archived info
Elearno - Where World is your Classroom
Phones: 1-855-223-9012 UK +448000663714
aka Sure TechSupport
37 Santa Bella Rd, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

New Scammers Numbers

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I have filed a complaint against these people. Hope the Cybercrime Department will take some action.

Good job as always. I do miss watching Yakeen poorly play CS while he’s on call though, perhaps someday he’ll learn not to die.


Account phishing from TV screen that asks you to activate service to watch.

Hover over the “next step” link shows tel:+1(844)540-1547

Final Class – Online Yoga Best Classes (fake error page after inputting code)

If you hover over the number on the “error” page, it gives 888-671-0614 which was an Amazon scam (https://bobrtc.tel/numbers/d/888-671-0614-amazon-customer-support) back in July.

Has a fake account phishing “error” page for Amazon Prime account verification for TV activation.

Mounting | Link Code Solutions (+1-888-574-1289)
Amazon Prime Support
Amazon Prime Error

The address is 34972 Newark Blvd #275 Newark,CA,US-94560,USA (mailbox rental)

Same mailbox number:
For Sales : 1-786-577-7704
E-mail : [email protected]
Website dated 2016 at bottom, but still online.

The number Jim posted for Comloft Tech: 1-855-400-4243 is also doing IRS scams, here is a Nomorobo recording from 8 months ago.

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