vPwnd Fraud Seller And Scammer


i found on Telegram a guy who’s selling expensive Phishing Pages to steal from and harm innocent people.

The group has many sellers which sell Credit Cards, Bank Logins, Email Logins, SMS Phishing and much more.

The group : https://t.me/vPwndCom
The channel : https://t.me/vPwnd
The Proofs Of Fraud : https://t.me/vPwndSales
The channel shared also databases from hacked Website without permission and that is illegal.

Some Image Proofs :
– Database
– Credit Card Selling
– Sharing Sensible Information (ID Cad)

This guy has multiple Telegram IDs:

  1. @JStashB 1619055597
  2. @MalwarExe 700762116
  3. @NineJS 2091779444
  4. @Blackview1 1972242822

Be carefull guys.

Welcome SecRes11! I reported the account to Telegram. I hope they take action soon.