VPN client

Hey Folks, New to the form. so sorry if this has been discussed before.

i have a quick question on VPN’s. I have been using one for years for other activity however i was wondering if someone could give me their opinion on vendors to use and ones to stay clear on.

Appreciate any feedback!

Stear clear from justfreevpn.

The client i have been using for years has been PIA. mainly for the price! and throughput i get on downloads inside. Was more or less curious if there are better clients out there for same cost or if others use pia and are happy.

If the VPN service you’re using works well then it would be a good idea to stay on it, in my opinion.

I don't know any particular VPNs to steer clear on but I currently use IPVanish and it works quite well for me, also the same price with PIA

If you need one for privacy, go with mullvad or cryptostorm.

If you need open ports, I have one I can let you use for free.

@harlio#6756 If you need a free one: MEGA

Setup Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7sJYgCeOr4

CyberGhost is by far the best free one.

appreciate the replies! Ill look into them if i feel my PIA isnt keeping me hidden :slight_smile:

Honestly I’d keep what you have.