Visa Gift Card Usage

Does anyone know if using a zeroed out Visa Gift Card will work to give scammers to get past the “pay us” part? I tend to use stories like “I already paid, you guys said you’d fix it” and what-not which works 50% of the time but other times they just hang up.

I wasn't sure if they actually charge at that very moment or if they're just simply looking for a valid card before they "help you" with the next steps. I have a VM setup that is very "buggy" from everything I wrote it to do, it's amusing to watch them use it as it often drags out their day. But it's hit or miss if I can actually get them to try and use the machine before they collect "payment"

Look forward to any input.

@ChuckMuhDuck74#11946 I read that overcharging the card will deny the transaction, and in some cases, you would be responsible for the excess amount


Transactions that exceed the remaining balance on your Card are prohibited and should be declined at the point of sale. If, notwithstanding an insufficient balance, an authorization is received by the merchant or the merchant uses other means to proceed with the transaction, then you agree to reimburse us for any amount in excess of the Card balance for such a transaction.


@etnguyen03#11952 Thanks for the feedback. That’s what I thought as well but when I researched it further I saw that single-pay gift cards can’t be overdrawn ( which is what I had in mind.

I've never actually taken it as far as to give them a legit credit card and I'd hate to use a "generator" as I wouldn't want to put anyones actual card out there by accident. I was just curious if they charge right there or if they simply take the card down to then over-charge you later.

@ChuckMuhDuck74#11957 Generators don’t put any real cards at risk. They simply generate a random number with the correct digits at the beginning and end. To charge a card you also need the correct billing address and CVV number which cannot be generated.