Virtual Machine

Do you guys know any good vms? Because I can’t get a good one, the windows 10 one stays on the blue loading screen and my windows XP I can’t get it to connect to internet


I use Hyper-V on win10pro, no probs with it

Check that you have the minimum req needed to run it.

VMware is also good.

@Koko#6690 okay I’ll try one of those out

I use VMWare @lz3bluThiccJ#6691. has windows isos with license keys.

@lz3bluThiccJ#6689 The virtual network adapter for the XP virtual machine seems to be disabled by default… If you are using VMWare go to the settings menu, click Add then select network adapter and NAT.

I also personally like to use VMWare.

@lz3bluThiccJ#6689 I recommand with a fresh install of the vm and use regfuck on the vmwhile leaving these open:

task manager required to close regfuck

teamviewer/gotoassist, so scammers can connect

That has nothing to do with the thread @Jnteamed#6704

vmware bro