Victim of IYOGI

The last time i hacked a scammer i was able to get some information from the server .

so this is a list of 300 people who have been scammed by iyogi from 1/1/2016 to 1/4/2016 after that is lost connection if anyone whats to spread awareness to these people in regarding the scam you are most welcomed to and i think they might still be getting calls from other scammer ? kindly comment down

as per the rules i cannot give out personal numbers

Email me the mumbers so I can contact them.

[email protected]


I’m willing to contact the victims as well

My email is [email protected]

@Flinty94#2517 i have already mailled the 300 list to thunder kindly contact and coordinate with him i will try to get more info out as well and more recent one

I have contacted a few victims and made them aware of the iYogi scam, a couple already knew they were scammers.

Every victim had told me that iYogi has been calling them every day to this date, trying to get access to their computer and offering them plans at higher costs.

i thought so … they keep on scamming people how shamefull btw thanks for calling i will try to hack some other company and get recent data

can u send me the number [email protected]

I appreciate if I could have the information forwarded to [email protected] or [email protected] - that would be good.


I got totally screwed by these assholes! Not being technically savvy I had purchased a brand new computer from the Future Shop and within the first day or two of getting it up and running I received a call informing me that I must purchase this tech support program from IYOGI or my system will not work properly and they are the Technical Support Group for Microsoft. I got suckered into purchasing a year subscription because I had a new computer and sure as hell don’t want to have any issues with it and being told that if I didn’t have this tech support program my computer would not accept all of the new applications associated with Windows 10 that was coming out. I tried to contact Microsoft Canada through several different offices with no luck getting hold of anyone to hear my concerns!!! Anytime I had an issue and contacted this IYOGI a rep would come on the phone and you could barely understand a single word because they were all Pakistani with very strong accents. Almost every time I had to request a supervisor or head manager because any time they attempted to fix an issue they screwed up my computer even worse, Thus again try to contact Microsoft to get some type of reason or answer and again nobody would get back to me ( Not Impressed with Microsoft either ) I let the 1 year subscription run it’s course and they started calling 2 months before it ran through the 1 year to get me to sign up for another term and I started swearing at them each and every time they called telling them to go F- Themselves over and over and yet they still called on a daily basis at first and after months of this I contacted my telephone service provider to have the number blocked, They just called from another number so I just got as rude as I could possibly be, insulting them and finally only a couple months ago did this Bull Shit from IYOGI stop. I have attempted to inform as many individuals as possible as to this IYOGI CRAP!!! I have been in contact with Visa and they are sending me the list of companies and payments made through Snail mail as it does not appear on the billing as IYOGI. I how ever had printed off an emailed receipt and have it here buried amongst the paper work and will be forwarding this back to Visa for a total refund.

@ScrewIyogi#2531 the company is in india and not Pakistan offices are in Delhi and Kolkata the owner of the company has been sued previously for such activities

@thunder#2523 kindly share the details with the rest or can i post a link to the file ???