Venmo B/C Charge ‪(866) 496-3026‬

Scam Number: ‪(866) 496-3026‬
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email [email protected]
Jonathan Gillick requests $98.99

You have paid $98.99 USD for crypto currency via Venmo. This amount will be deducted monthly. If you did not authorize this transaction, please contact Venmo Customer Service at +1 (866) 496_3026 (Toll Free) to cancel. Do not reply, Replying to this mail will confirm.


866-496-3026 Ryan Martin Tuesday 6-11-24 12:21PM EST


I took my earphones off and he just talked shit to himself for over 15 minutes. He never realized I was not even listening. I wonder if his boss knows he wastes this kind of time and is not even scamming.


Alex Parker
screen connect
fake form

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866-496-3026 Still Active Rick Wednesday 6-12-24 12:40PM EST
888-713-4971 Still Active
866-554-3749 Still Active Sean
315-228-0170 Call Back Adam

888-323-1978 Call Back

501-285-3873 Call Back Mike

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866 496 3026 alex agreed he lives in forced government and enjoys being called clown.

501-285-3873 Still Active Friday 6-14-24 11:33AM EST
888-323-1978 Still Active
833-307-4243 Still Active

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