Various Criminals

I haven’t gone through the whole list, but the first several are active. Happy hunting!


I bet you any money that most of these numbers are on networks of the Big Three of the scam world: 1. Onvoy 2. Ring Central and 3. Peerless Network.

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I’ll bet you’re right. Freaking Onvoy is a plague!
BTW- The last number abandoned the Microsoft scam & now doing eBay

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Hate these Onvoy bitches with their new Swedish scummy owners!

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It’s funny, I wrote to them about Publishers Clearing House scammers. I even had audio of them threatening my life “I’m going to burn your house down and kill your family” “I know where you live and I’m going to put a bullet in your head” etc. I had screenshots of the times too
I contacted all of the Onvoy emails and the next day, the number was still active.
It’s so nice that they are in top of things and care about what people are using their service to do.