User creating multiple accounts to get information

Hi there.
I’ve been approached in Instagram by a user that has apeared with atleast 4 distinct usernames. They’re all blocked.
His/her/its modo is that he starts by asking where I took my pictures, then he/she/it asks where I’m from, he/she/it went as far as saying that we’re kindred spirits and that he knew me. I answered: “No dude, I do not know you, never saw you.”
These are three of the usernames that I identified: raheellove4u16, tedergali198773, 1903_rey
The user has been introducing himself as Beira.
This seems like a information gathering attempt.


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sounds like instagram cam bot names tbh


Well… I do not know it that was the case. This user had conversation, it was not something that you could see that it had a number of pre-written responses. There was someone on the other end.
When I confronted him/her/it with the other two accounts that started to follow me with the pictures of the same girl, it asked me for a screenshot of those users. A bot would not do that. :-\

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