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FireRTC Desktop Application and FireRTC App

Some of you guys might find this useful. I created it using npm-nativefier. It uses your default mic in the windows audio settings.


SHA256: 9350229B5A14BB79E789CA5D76D186A7FD3677A217937BE96CFF27D3D5DCEA5D

Thanks for this, good work. :slight_smile:

[“FireRTC Desktop Application”,“Useful Desktop Application List”]

Here Is another desktop application. (text now) (Full screen)

PW: 14320

SHA256: edff986b8a24e0a4c8531b804c70179725cdfcb1554f6dbadef836b3df85f41e

Fake Ransenware application.

Password at

I thought about doing something like this in visual basic. Thanks memes!

@memes#5730 have you taken a look at this? It runs FireRTC like a native app FireRTC - Chrome Web Store

@keith#5773 That runs it with a dependency on Chrome, essentially what @memes#5730 has done is create a low level browser that connects to FireRTC, and automatically claims your devices. It runs faster, and more reliably than the website itself.