USAA scam 802-219-2581

Scam Number: 802-219-2581
Scammer’s Website or Email: -
Additional information about this scam:

Fake website claims to be USAA. when calling them, they do the typical tech support cmd commands


802-219-2581 Brian Wilson Tuesday 11-22-22 1:33PM EST

If you’re on chrome, it is not gonna allow you to go on the website

I am a USAA member and they do not use a non toll free number. The femscammer who answered said that this was a super secret number for fraud. I called her out on it and said you call the number on the back of your card. She swore at me and hung up.


They connect using

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I called and reported it to USAA. They were extremely happy that I reported it. Being a member, I was able to talk to the real fraud department. I sent them a screenshot of the website which looks JUST like the real thing, the web address and the phone numbers. They said that they would go after them to take it down.
425-616-3224 Callback number.

Callback # 315-895-9603

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Callback # 310-601-4411

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Another callback number 425-616-3224

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Website got taken down. Thanks to mark monitor

This number is still active = 425-616-3224