US Treasury / SSA Scam 910 889 3335

Standard drugs in the car scam

Kept them on a half hour, gave me another number as well:

609 429 0038

Want me to put money in a BTC ATM

@madarchod8765#165386 u know about 7464# loop

Sholitty connection trying to get another number from them

Well I used the famous Alice Phallus name now 1 ring hang :laughing::laughing:

Hmm calling it back … Oh it’s ringing said some Hindi shit hung up :joy::laughing:

Ok trolling him … Under name Alice Phallus :laughing:once more

I’ve been spamming it nonstop, so far I’ve talked to “Officer Alex Phillips” and “Officer Sam Brown” They’re not super mean/cursing like the VISA/MC scammers yet.

@Draco#165395 No, what’s that?

SSA 910 889 3335

Location: New Delhi

IP >>> New Delhi

ISP Shyam spectra ASN10029

Scammers: Samuel Green and Alexander William
Noisy, hear 60 Hz generator hum


@Draco#165396 Sholitty connection

Bad connection for sure -lots of static hum on the line and not very loud voice. Thought it was cool that the BBB was included on the list of agencies monitoring the 'federally recorded line' because the BBB is apparently now a federal agency! Didn't see that one coming. Guy eventually hung up due to the bad connection and our problems trying to communicate.

Hitting hard been hitting them

@madarchod8765#165407 look on general discussions under :point_left:oop :point_right:

@drwat#165413 they keep sayin pakastan

Damn I was on them Luke flies on shit gawd real real stupid … DOESNT KNOW ANYTHIIIING… just real dumb

@madarchod8765#165407 look on discussions gereal or scam threads for :point_right:loop​:point_left:

Mistake: Scammer is Samuel Brown, not Samuel Green

Location Delhi.

He talks to my “Punjabi neighbor” Rani Verma. He guides her how to land a “cushy government” job. He tells her that her son should come to Delhi and get coaching at a locality “Mukherjee Nagar” north Delhi) He is right. That locality is known for many coaching schools specializing in getting cushy Government jobs (SSA included ? LOL)