US Tech Solution Scam

Tech Solution Scam


There We’re Spoofing With A Chase Bank Number

US Tech Solution
I was looking at there website about page they got office in India headquarters but there main office is in the US it tells you something plus I call back with the number that called me it was a Chase Bank number so yeah spoof but when they call me first I answer it I got the name of a business it's was strange they said there we're a refund department something we gonna charge you more I was about to get the call back number I only got the 201 it was fast didn't get the complete number so I search the name of the company it came up with this PS there we're using a computer bot voice also I call there direct number no one answered it's takes you to a female voice mail

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66 York St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 946-4662

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