US Fedral Grant scammers

Called me with a blocked number. I played along and got the confirmation departments number 360 562 9343. Have fun. They were quick with the sware words when you call them out. The approval number they ask for is 2 letters and 3 numbers

@Scambait407#2868 Have Fun

Scam bait them up to where you are at the store and say “the giftcards are next to the condoms”. If you can get “Amanda”, she is the most volatile. She sounded like she was having a seisure, orgasm, and anxiety attack all at once.

OK new update I must have called them a thousand times. They found out how to block my number via google hangouts and firertc. I got them to the point where they answer the phone and just start swearing at me. If you want an easy way to trigger them. Just say your name is Mike Auckland and your approval ID is XD716 and they will usually flip out almost immediately. Call them nd blow up their phones, I was using 8 tabs of google hangouts at once because they told me they have about 10 people in that call center and that seems to be about the case(maybe less).