"US FCC makes AI-generated robocalls illegal" - With IMMEDIATE effect! (Thursday 8th January 2024)

SOURCE: US FCC makes AI-generated robocalls illegal |BBC NEWS UK, ARTICLE|

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→ Simply put, the federal agency that regulates communication in the US has made robocalls that [use] AI-generated voices illegal. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the move on Thursday, saying it will take effect immediately. It gives the state power to prosecute any bad actors behind these calls, the FCC said.

→ “Bad actors are using AI-generated voices in unsolicited robocalls to extort vulnerable family members, imitate celebrities, and misinform voters,” said FCC chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel in a statement on Thursday. “We’re putting the fraudsters behind these robocalls on notice.”

→ The agency added that, while state attorneys general can prosecute companies and individuals behind these calls for crimes like scams or fraud, this latest action makes the use of AI-generated voices in these calls itself illegal. It “expands the legal avenues through which state law enforcement agencies can hold these perpetrators accountable under the law”.

→ In mid-January, the FCC received a letter signed by attorneys general from 26 states asking the agency to act on restricting the use of AI in marketing phone calls. The letter follows a Notice of Inquiry put forward by the FCC in November 2023 that requested input from across the country on the use of AI technology in consumer communications.


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On the 9th Of February 2024, I submitted a formal FOIA (“Freedom Of Information Act REQUEST”) to the FCC via foia.gov indeed requesting a copy of the letter, of course in full, that the FCC did receive in Mid January 2024 that in turn prompted them to act on finally making AI-Generated Robocalls illegal. I requested a fee waiver on top, should my request be granted which of course it was, declaring it was deservingly in the interest of the public to know the contents of the letter including all 24 who signed so we could essentially know who was fighting for the public etc.

It worked, evidently. I received an electronic mail from Lori Alexiou ([email protected]) just a few hours ago, having obviously only just seen it confirming attached was the letter verifying I’m not being charged in addition to what I originally wanted to obtain… SEE BELOW!


In short, The following [24] State Attorney Generals who undersigned the letter are as follows:

→ Michelle A. Henry (PENNSYLVANIA)
→ Steve Marshall (ALABAMA)
→ Kris Mayes (ARIZONA)
→ Rob Bonta (CALIFORNIA)
→ Philip J. Weiser (COLORADO)
→ William Tong (CONNECTICUT)
→ Kathleen Jennings (DELAWARE)
→ Kwame Raoul (ILLINOIS)
→ Aaron M. Frey (MAINE)
→ Anthony G. Brown (MARYLAND)
→ Andrea Joy Campbell (MASSACHUSETTS)
→ Dana Nessel (MICHIGAN)
→ Keith Ellison (MINNESOTA)
→ Matthew J. Platkin (NEW JERSEY)
→ Joshua H. Stein (NORTH CAROLINA)
→ Drew H. Wrigley (NORTH DAKOTA)
→ Gentner Drummond (OKLAHOMA)
→ Ellen F. Rosenblum (OREGON)
→ Marty J. Jackley (SOUTH DAKOTA)
→ Jonathan Skrmetti (TENNESSEE)
→ Charity R. Clark (VERMONT)
→ Anne E. Lopez (HAWAII)
→ Lynn Fitch (MISSISSIPPI)
→ Dave Yost (OHIO)


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Hell to the yeah, my man. Would’ve been nice to have my Attorney General (Letitia James, New York) sign off on this as well, but I’m not really gonna complain.


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