US Customs 4157298148

Scam Number: US Customs & Border callback 4157298148
Domain Used:
Extra Info: US Customs & Border like SSA scam
Nigerian female in Jaipur India


Damn Text now #

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Gonna take “impeachment” against you ROFL. They should do that to “Brendan” in DC for that action. :smiling_imp:


They are in Jaipur city, India. 4-5 Nigerian females also in the same scam center.
They robocall early morning like 9:00AM 10:AM EST

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Not as bad as the advance fee scammer that called me at 3 AM on WhatsApp. Even if I was actually in the time zone of my character, it still would have been around 6 AM, which is irritating. I also told them that they can’t call me for a bit and that they should just text/email me then they called again 10 minutes later. .-.

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One thing unique lately about US Customs, scammers is that the stop sending robocalls after 10AM. Perhaps another scam after 10AM

Textnow #

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