[Urgent] Scammer.Info Will Drop off Google if you Don't Fix this

Hi Staff,

Just wanted to raise an issue.

When organizations do website migrations to new frameworks, it’s absolutely essential you setup redirects to redirect all of the old URLs, posts, threads etc to their equivalent in the new URL scheme. That does not mean that everything can be just redirected to the index of the new site, every single URL, must be redirected to its equivalent in the new format.

Scammer.info has really good SEO currently, but as soon as Google starts detecting 404 errors on all the pages, they will all become deindexed and you will have to start your SEO from scratch.

For example, here is a link in the old scheme that doesn’t redirect to the new scheme.



This probably won’t be a quick thing, but it might even be worth reverting the website to the old format until you have set this up. Otherwise you are going to lose all organic search traffic and its going to be super damaging for the site.

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Usually you can do this with Mod_rewrite, you can either create some sort of regex to automatically do it. Failing that you can manually map the old URLs to the new URLs.

We’re aware of how this works, and have already got a game plan in place.