upvote farming

Did you see what I sent you on Skype?



This site isn’t about upvotes, if you’re trying to get them then you’re here for the wrong reasons

[“60 upvotes in a few hours.”,“upvote farming”]

Fueldaflame is making a lot of posts. While I am watching him make a lot of posts.

@Jnteamed#7524 You as well, your upvotes increased by 60 in 3 hours or so.

@R34P3R#7527 To get 6 upvotes? Make 6 replies. Just make sure they are valid, and also reply to “each and every” post.

What’s funny is that the number of posts you made were the same. However the upvotes magically increased. I don’t remember seeing anywhere close to 60 new threads or posts.

@JNteamed private threads are to communicate with others, not to upvote farm. FueldaFlame seems to have legitimately got upvotes. This site is for scambaiting and raising awareness, it’s not some upvote game. You are as guilty of spamming as FuelDaFlame.

@JNteamed look through the thread and reply in the affirmative if you understood.

“This is a private thread” So, I agree it is not a upvote game, and each post we post to get one upvote and some reputation (see below) and how do I get 30 upvotes? You ask,

  1. Don’t edit your posts, unless you know how to like them back
  2. Call the numbers, I called so many, it’s worth talking about it.
  3. Ignore Thunder’s upvotes because he got it somewhere else, so yeah
  4. Look out for Parodygordan and reply to him
    • Reply to Fueldaflame’s posts each time he reply.

      To get 60, Repeat. (on the next day)


@Jnteamed#7599 Mate let’s be honest here. You got 60 upvotes in 2 hours. I watched the rankings and your posts like a hawk. Same number of posts but sudden jump in reputation? You’ve been making threads with only you as the recipient and posting there.

Also, you’re supposed to be a moderator yet you SPAM THE LIVING DAYLIGHT out of threads.

Like I said before, FueldaFlame actually stays on topic unlike you.

Are you here for upvotes and becoming an admin, or are you here to scambait?

@1337mathster#7610 I am here to scambait, not to become an admin.

@Jnteamed#7614 Stop spamming,start moderating. I’ve has to clean up after you a lot of times.

Don’t post for the sake of posting. If a thread has been solved or closed,stay away.

This isn’t a personal attack. I’m just pointing stuff out.


@1337mathster#7616 Ok, i will start moderate (ing) and try my best.