Uptrademarket (dot) com

Crypto currency scam company. They managed to aquire my mother’s email and telephone number through a questionnaire on Facebook. That was a couple of months back, since then they have called multiple times a day almost daily. Relentless little buggers. Up until yesterday we asked to stop calling nicely, we cursed at them, we played pranks on them, nothing works.

Yesterday I finally cooperated and I played along to see what they were planning. They sent me an email with the site in the title. There they asked me to log in on the site with my email and a password that they provided. The account that they created for me was debited with 300 dollars. They asked me do I want to do with the money. I said I don't need them and I just want to stop the calls and close that account. This is where they asked me to link my crypto wallet. And where I stopped cooperating.