Update Your Amex Account | Fake American Express Email (Help Wanted)

I received an email from: ‘Amrican Express’'[email protected]

Pasting the link redirects in case something important is there (probably not):
Help - About Encrypted Email

It also wants you to email [email protected]

The email had several attachments, one being a txt file containing code found here: Code attached to fake email - Pastebin.com
I’m not sure what to make of it.

So, what do you all make of this? Is this some new form of 419, or is this a phishing attempt?


Its a fake webpage you open as a local HTML page. It will load in the web browser and look like a website but its not running on a remote server its just opened on your machine. Theres some javascript at the bottom that appears to post all of your information to a server hosted somewhere else. Would be easy to spam it with fake data and destroy their collection. Its posting to this URL https://quorumgroup.com.ph/book.php

That code starts on line 1300 of the file. It seems to parse the inputs as a string and post it to the server as plaintext

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New email from: '‘American Express’'[email protected]

“Forward this message and its attachments to [email protected] and check your inbox for a link to view the message.”

I got the same rubbish + 8 ((CURRENTLY UNOPENED AT THIS TIME)) attachments