Untrustable Websites following to suspicious/malwares/rats/etc. (Should read warning please)

This topic will updated when I found a dangerous file sharing services:
Warning: Links starts with hxxp or hxxps are dangerous and you should not open them.

Last know websites:

I. hxxps://dlsfile.com (ONLINE) → Adware, Survey scam:

  1. Information:

II. hxxp://, hxxp://

  1. Information

III. hxxps://gjhvjgh.xyz/?xerox=42&q=Malwarebytes%20Premium%[2022]

  1. Information

IV. hxxp://f.gogamef.com

  1. Information:
  • Backdoor:Win32/Mokes.1e7af916 (Backdoor), possible RAT
  1. Analyze: