Anyone know who this is? Number is being used by scammers or maybe I was sent to one. Called my TN number.

Just got a call from that number claiming to be from network security. He said stay on the phone 3 more seconds and were tracing you. And then he asked where I was located, I said well if your tracing me why don’t you tell me my location. I called the number from another line and it went straight to the VM for the person in the recording. He hung up. He called me back on that line same crap over and over with my location name and all that wouldn’t shut up long enough to have me get a word in. So he then hung up again. It is a spoofed number. But somehow it gets to the security team and they call back. Strange.


Sounds like they’re spoofing the poor woman’s number

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The funny thing was that as soon as I called it from another line it went straight to VM. And then he called right back.

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Rerouting numbers?