United Nations Donations Scam: 419 scam- [email protected] - [email protected]

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: Attention:

United Nations Department Program (UNDP) UK, is giving the sum of
$1,000,000 USD ( One Million US Dollars) to 20 lucky recipients round
the world as Covid-19 Financial Relief Donation. Send this references
number (COVID-19-1023SA/-01/02/2021 ) to us.

CONTACT OUR OFFICIAL EMAIL : [email protected]

Mr. Zhang Feng

I just got this Email in my SPAM folder. This stuff is so common nowadays, you’d think they’d make them more convincing. Ooh, my UN Bank account has been frozen! My Norton Antivirus has been renewed for a price of $500! My Band of America account has been flagged for suspicious activity! Oh, someone has video of me doing all sorts of nasty stuff in front of my computer and porn I’ve downloaded and if I don’t send them 50 Bitcoin, they’re gonna show it to everyone in my address list! Blah, blah, blah!