"Unclaimed rewards" - (888) 994-1188 & ‪(725) 255-9387


Scammer sent me a “final notice” in the mail similar to the one pictured below, claiming I had an “unclaimed reward” worth up to $100 and urged me to call the number before it expires on September 28, 2022. The company’s name was not listed in the postcard, and the number belongs to an Indian call center where agents will ask for your credit card information (prepaid cards not accepted) for a “$1.95 service fee.”


“Thank you for calling, are you calling to claim your $100 gift card?”

They will ask for your “claim number” first, then confirm your gift card will be “activated” as long as you pay a 1-time fee. In this case, I generated a random card from cardguru.io and I was then redirected to an “automated machine line” after holding for two minutes.

“Thursday, September 1, 2022. Please state your first and last name”

Attempted callback from ‪(725) 255-9387‬


“Thank you for calling Promotional Department. If you wish to put your number in do-not-call press 1 or press 2 to speak to agent.”

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(888) 994-1188 Active Ring’s several times, then drops
(725) 255-9387 Not in Service