UK Tax (HMRC) scam

So my mother received some calls from people claiming to call from HMRC (her majestys royal customs) saying that her employees paid her too much tax (she has no employees and she is one) and asked how much she had in her bank and said she needed to pay within 20 mins or the police will turn up she didn’t pay she hang up and is still receiving calls here are the numbers.

[Number removed]

+44 130223837

UK numbers? I’m adding the country code +44

["Numbers that have rang my mother ",“UK Tax (HMRC) scam”]

0300 200 3310 is a real HMRC number and the other is not a valid phone number, not enough digits.

@sterculius#75582 thanks for pointing out, didn’t see that. I removed the the number from the original post. :slight_smile: