UK Mobile Data Scammers

Scam Number: 020 8146 7515
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:

can you give us more details?

Also these are Indian scammers, I could tell by their distinct accent, i think two operators are used in this scam, first is the one who is trying to persuade you to buy their phone+ contract and once your willing to buy, they will proceed to transfer you to the high operator who will enform the actual scam by following their script, personally I never gotten to far with them to the paying part so I’m not sure what they do by payment methods im guessing they may use gift cards or credit cards to transfer the payment

These scammers pretend to be a mobile data company that try to persuade you by asking you to choose a phone with a mobile contract and scam you buy thinking the victim ordered a good phone with a great cheap monthly contract deal, The latest iPhone includes a £35 monthly contract and the latest Samsung will include a £30 monthly contract, im starting to receive calls quite regularly in the UK and unfortunately some victims may hit scammed by their filthy trick

I’ll give them a call scam answers as 02 but in the background they answer as 3 mobile and Vodafone also asked if I wanted a pizza

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Pizza? Lol