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Am very excited to be joining the community, I have a decent baiting setup but am spending too much money on calling US numbers, (even toll free ones are expensive to call in the UK, currently using TalkU app for iPhone to make outbound calls.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to find UK/GB/England scammer numbers, tech support scammers would be easiest for me to reel in but most fake popups have US/Canada numbers on, please can anyone help?!


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1 Like has helped me a lot in finding numbers, I recommend giving this a read.

As for pop ups, there should be a post somewhere on the forums with a link to a site that auto opens a butt load of links that may lead to one.. as well as another post with a fairly good chunk of links that may also redirect to them as well, as well as a link to a site that will open any list of sites for you in new tabs.

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@Chronus pretty much covered it. I'd also recommend setting your vpn to the country you're wanting popups for (in the case of tech support)


@Chronus#193746 link to a site that auto opens a butt load of links


Might also bring @Dan_Gleeballs_Youtube into this, he actively posts UK numbers.

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try talkatone for us numbers

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Most likely VPN's will be blacklisted

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@ratbag#193706 welcome :smiley:

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Hi, Its a pleasure to meet you. As mentioned I am based & call UK scammers all the time. The way I find numbers is using and keep refreshing the live feed.

I pay for my UK line rental and numbers through SKYPE as I'm having trouble setting up TEXTNOW..

Currently this number is live 07412 617 374 These are HMRC scammers. Please always obtain their bank details & post the bank name and account name on here so we do not report the same details

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WELCOME :blush: aboard!

@Dan_Gleeballs_Youtub Thanks mate! And thanks to all of you that have replied @Chronus , Cyberlytical and others I appreciate the tips, it was payday today so I’m now going to setup a Skype account and put some credit on that, I’ve also had issues setting up TextNow too! It wouldn’t let me login via Google or Apple at all on my iPhone or Mac, I tried with a US VPN and it let me login but kept giving me an error allocating a US number to my account.

I will be sure to get bank details from any and all scammers where ever possible because it’s a great way to quickly cut off one of their income streams, also potentially saving the money mules that are often the holders of the UK/US bank accounts :+1:

How do you find is the best way to bait scammers to steal a “passwords and banking info.doc.exe” :wink: file from your computer and open/run it on their machines (if you bait them in this way) can you recommend any tool that will join a PDF or DOCX with an EXE so when run it runs the exe code but simultaneously open a document? I hope I’m OK asking this!

I’ll be sure to check out those URLs for numbers and get scambaiting! I have posted in General Discussion category About me , my motives for scambaiting (my grandma’s scam story) and offered my help and advice on a range of technical platforms since you’re all kind enough to share your scambaiting tips with me!


Ratbag / TedCrilly93

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@Dan_Gleeballs_Youtub How are you using I’m going to ‘real time reports’ but it just gives statistics on how many reports are coming in and where in the country they’re coming from, they don’t seem to be click’able so I can actually view the listings and get the numbers, am I missing something obvious (I’m working on 2 hours sleep!).

Thanks, Ted

Main screen & hit refresh every 20 seconds. Sometimes people add the phone numbers at the beginning. There is sadly no direct list to run through. The posted numbers are pretty consistent too

Current live numbers atm 0203 807 7028 & 07312 912 729 (i have got a bank account from the mobile number under JOZESF ADAM already)

Likewise, just spoke with Taurus Brown, an amazing recovery aftyer speaking with you Dan. He also gave me same account from mobile number. Landline just rings out.

Thanks Dan for the numbers, I was struggling to find good numbers to call.

Just called the landline and managed to obtain an account under Darina Balogova (bank name: AS LHV Pank - UK branch).

Told them there was a problem paying into this account and they gave another one.

This time they gave me an international account in Thailand - payment to Manu Muang Mai (bank name: BANGKOK BANK PUBLIC COMPANY)
Reported both accounts to their respective banks

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