UK Carrier SmartVoice LTD

Smart Voice

their contact form doesn’t seem to function

Smartvoice Ltd - Company Profile - Endole

Nice to see Russia and Ukraine working together

fake address? These are the legit companies registered at the address they claim is theirs

We often find scammers using numbers provided by this carrier, there is no way to report abuse to them.

Smartvoice numbers will be featured on this thread

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Text message supposedly from H.S.B.C - Your OTP is 572073 for a purchase of 802.30GBP to MACROS - Ref: CB94D. If this was NOT you, call us on 03305330116"

SmartVoice LTD Number (+44)03305330116

Update 3 days later, message still says ‘thank you for calling HSBC’

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Text message claimed to be from John lewis concerning purchase of 802.30GBP to MACROS Ref:CB94D - 03305330526