U.S. citizen charged for stealing millions from scam victims

  • The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut announced that Richard Fasanella, a 54-year-old American citizen who last resided in Venezuela, has been charged with four counts of mail fraud, 5 counts of wire fraud, four counts of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, five counts of money laundering, three counts of illegal monetary transactions one count of conspiracy to launder money and make illegal monetary transactions.
  • Fasanella is a registered agent for multiple businesses registered in Connecticut and elsewhere in the United States who applied for a Federal Tax Identification number for each business. This number would be used by Fanasella and his associates to open business bank accounts to deposit cash, money orders and checks that victims mailed to specified addresses and recipients. Fanasella retained a portion of these funds and distributed the rest of his money through crypto transactions.
  • Fanasella’s associates defrauded primarily elderly victims out of millions of dollars through online scams, including romance scams.

Evil scumbag. Lock him up and throw away the key.

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