Two Active IRS Scams for 3/28 @ 2:50 PM

17079555902 and 12025686248. Enjoy!

707-955-5902 rang once and disconnected.

202-568-6248 rang once and disconnected.

Oh, well, I tried! Maybe they are flooded or maybe they are on to us!

@JusticeinTexas#25323 keep 'em running :wink:

I’m starting to wonder if the scammers are able to see if we are using FireRTC or not. There have been a LOT of times when I have called and immediately get a “Call Rejected” message on Fire, but if I use a land line, they answer right away. Same goes for the more advanced call centers where you here a “chime-like” noice when they pick up. Often times, regardless of my caller ID, they just hang up. Any techies out there know if this is something they are able to do?

@6flagsray#25393 I’ve been curious about this too - sometimes if I dial with a SIP phone through Twilio immediately after trying to dial with FireRTC, I get connected immediately. There’s more to this than I can see anyway.

@6flagsray#25393 I am using a burner number on my cell phone and I usually get through. I think I get blocked once they have my number and if I am calling back the same call center and they are just using a different number I don’t get thru. I keep a record of every number I call so I don’t repeat. My burner number is good for one month and then poof its gone and I start a new one in another state with another address and info.

@SeventhCube2832#25464 I tried that but for some reason my tablet and computer give some kind of echo that they hear and they accuse me of using a speakerphone and hang up. I will have to try it again. Maybe I can make some kind of adjustment. With my burner, I know the number/area and have a pre written script I use so if they ask me something off the fly, like where I go to school, I can answer correctly. I know they are Googling it as I speak and checking if I am telling the truth.

@SeventhCube2832#25486 The device speaker. Is that the problem? Should I have headphones? Should I mike it also?

@SeventhCube2832#25491 Thank you so much for your help!!