Twitch streamer "ItsSlikeR" caught scamming $300k from streamers, fans over 2 years

SOURCE: Sliker accused of ‘scamming,’ allegedly borrowed over $200,000 from viewers and streamers over two years - Dot Esports

The popular Twitch streamer “ItsSlikeR” was accused by multiple Twitch creators and viewers of borrowing $300,000 over the past two years through PayPal. This money was never returned as they were gambled away as Bitcoin, prompting SlikeR to attempt a 1-year subathon to pay people back, only to wager it all on DuelBits.

While some streamers are calling SlikeR out for possibly operating a ponzi scheme, others are paying back the money that SlikeR borrowed from them.

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One of the victims, XQC, is working with YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren to get the money back to SlikeR’s victims.

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