Twilio $50 FREE Credit

There’s a link from GitHub Education that lets you get $50 in FREE Twilio credits. Click Here. You don’t need to be in GitHub Education Student Developer Pack to use this. If you need VoIP/SIP services this is for you.

Thanks, it works… but is there a promo code I can put in to upgrade my account after signing up with this link?

No, there isn’t, unfortunately, new accounts only.

I created a new account when I posted that reply, but I have a trial account now (when registering with that link) which only allows you to call verified numbers (the phone numbers linked to your account). To remove the restriction, it needs to be upgraded. Which can be done by putting in a minimum of £20/$20 into your account or by using a promo code.

Twilio sux, They bill for TF

Unfortunately, I don’t have a promo code but my Twilio account was topped right up to $60.00. You can always use Card or PayPal to add funds if you like (I don’t recommend it as you may get banned).