(Tutorial) How to find Scammer Websites!


If you want to find websites like POPUP websites or Support websites here are some quick tips:

Download newly registered domains at; https://www.whoisdownload.com/newly-registered-domains
Then open the Text Document and Press CNTRL + F And search for a term, like Support or Tech or 247

Hope this works and i hope this gets some attention :smiley:

Stay Safe and Destroy Scammers


(If you download the latest one: some of them arent even up yet, they just purchased the domain at that day, so try out older ones)


still works

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Good tip. I was going to start a new thread to post and solicit other web searching ideas, but why not reply here instead?

Some tech support scammers also like using Google business subdomains. Search for “quickbooks support” on business.site for example, yields dozens of boilerplate spammy pages with phone numbers advertised.

Other queries: “code activate” (works for the digital tv channel activation scam), “login account,” etc.

What are some other good web search queries for finding scammers?


when I type business.site, it directs me to Google Business Profile - Get Listed on Google

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Right, it’s a public view of the Google Business/Google Maps database. If you restrict a web search to its subdomains you can find a lot of spammy/scammy entries.