TSS Brolo Popup


# +18442097027

#EXTRA: error-warning-a63.info/m/error_extra/index1.html

Called them up, they send me a “scanner.bat” which basically killed the VM

@etnguyen03#3929 can you send me a copy of this file?

I have a screenshot of the contents: "Scanner.bat" - Imgur

Typed up: MEGA

ZIP Archive password: "malicious" without quotes

Call forwarded to voicemail.

This is too much. I am downloading the page and make my own popup to confuse the scammers.

@Jnteamed#3973 I’ve done the same thing: check out my channel on YouTube: modderphuckers… I drive them nuts!

Toll free number is not in service.

@etnguyen03#3967 Thanks for the scanner.bat. That will be edited and will be used on the scammers. But i have a better one. copies itself to startup folder.