Travel scam?

I got a call from this travel company stating that my travel package that I purchased a couple of years ago had expired. they tried to tell me that they would extend it if I paid the booking fee but that I would have to pay right now. Pretty sure this is a scam. but its still shady. anyone know if these are legit or not.

(these are the numbers they called from)

@Pkewoks#104708 well I guess you can answer it yourself. Have you purchased a travel package from them in the past? Ask them which year this incident happened and where it would go.

How would we know if they are legit or not? I don’t know which package you bought and when :stuck_out_tongue:

no never bought anything from them which is why im pretty sure its a scam. was just curious if anyone has run into these guys.


@Pkewoks#104708 yo bruh he sounded annoyed and asked me for my name

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…