TradeShowTravelCo scam

Good evening, I recently received a call from 406-991-1284 (Montana). They stated that they’re a travel agency and they provided me with an $958 travel package. Of course it was a very good deal and my wife and I were very excited. She was recently diagnosed with a terminal ovarian cancer. I have wanted to take her on a cruise and travel the caribbean. But, the pandemic caused me to lose my job and I have been having financial issues as a result. I spoke to agent “Nicole Moore” and “Steven” and they provided me their website and contact information, 18885561485. Lastly, I was told that their office is located in Florida. Which was a bit strange since the call I was receiving was from Montana. Additionally, I was told that my travel plan confirmation would be sent to my personal email and I may contact them at anymore. The following day I went to Starbucks to purchase coffee for my wife and the payment was declined. I contacted my bank and I was told that I have a balance of $0. They stole everything from my bank account. We tried contacting them but they would laugh and hang up on me. It’s been very devastating and I am asking for your help to stop them destroying other lives and track them down. Although I have reported this incident to the local police, I am quite sure that they don’t have the necessary resources or time to consider tracking and locating them. I am asking the members here and Mr Jim Browning to help me find them. Thank you.