Totally new to this and I may have been foolish

A called a call center a lot. I gave the guy a fake number at first and he said it was fake. I then gave him my text now number. He said it was fake, and I said no it was not. He said I had called too much from this number. He said to hold on. I was waiting for a while and he said he was checking something. I disconnected the call. I logged out of that text now account. Now It seems I’m unable to login to my text now account. I didn’t use a VPN.

Should I do anything about this? Should I be concerned for any reason?

Update: the login issue may have been operator error :dotted_line_face:

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I was having some issues with my Textnow earlier. I think they might be having a rough day lol. You should be fine tho


TextNow had temporary outage. All OK now.

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TextNow had a temporary service outage which caused this error