The majority of my posts, in recent times, have been about all those CAMP LEJEUNE LAWSUIT/HODGKIN LYMPHOMA LAWSUIT/MADDISONLAW (Recently) LAWSUIT message based texts which I’ve suddenly been spammed with out of the blue, each text telling me to call a number to check my eligibility, etc.

MaddisonLaw Compensation Scam ← This following post, most up to date one at time of writing, I had called the following number. All of the linked numbers in my posts so far have been to a specific so-called “company” “operating” as “TORTX” (Note 3 things, one I only EVER use the number for scambaiting, two I asked the lady who answered how to pronounce the company name finally and three I am not american so bear with my regarding the legit companies, legit sites surrounding the particular theme of legal based stuff).

Obviously, as I’d said all the numbers are linked - genuine companies shouldn’t have my number - I’ve been dealing with a ton of these texts suddenly on a daily basis lately - for reasons I have no idea. Either way, in the following tagged post - I’d left a ton of sites where the main number in the voicemail in particular when I had searched it had infact been flagged for ROBOCALL/SPAM/SCAM etc and how others had left comments, mentioning they had either called a ton directly or were previously used as others (included but not limited to; “Pharmacy” company) or in general the call for example was unwanted.

When I’d searched up the company name, I couldn’t find much except for the following link - so bear with me on this one About | tortx™ - Your Path To Justice . On the site, there is no phone number, I have no idea about the company logo, I have no idea but these guys seem fake - or maybe they are simply being impersonated or “SOMEHOW” have gotten my VOIP number incorrectly from elsewhere - “Magically”.


I’ve not been able to confirm they are a legit company at all, or whether it is the fact they are being impersonated, or something of the sort. All in all, the texts received regularly, pointing my to all the different numbers leading back to “Tortx” etc, the repetitiveness of them makes me think that all these numbers are completely safe to post under #scams at this MOMENT in time. Because it makes no sense, it all seems like it’s fake/a scam and the scripts smell like bullshit to me.

I’d love if someone could directly ASSIST me though, in uncovering who they claim to be and finding out more! @drwat @OfclyGoodenough I feel like you both do amazing jobs at this stuff so I’m pinging you here. :heart: :black_heart:

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I will do some digging later. I will sweet talk to some of the Indian scammers who call me about the Camp L.

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Thanks Doc!

For the past hour, or so - since I’ve made this post. In regards to a small update - I have received THREE more messages in this instance all regarding a so-called “MaddisonLaw”.

(909) 341-1428 → Says to call (877) 940-4349
(731) 236-2068 → Says to call (877) 940-4353
(205) 336-6508 → Says to call (877) 840-0322

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