Tor/Cloudflare bypass Method

Figured there’s a lot of you who hate cloudflare/Tor They typically obfuscate some scam sites/Fraud related things.

Thanks to SecJuice You have a new method to deal with Cloudflare/Tor Obfuscation. Yes there’s others that work within Tor and Normal Internet communciations to bypass Hidden things all down to the infamous ping -4 [INSTERT WEBSITE HERE] (Yale Lodge can be found via this proving fraudsters aren’t bright) But DNS/MX records can aide in shutting down websites as well as other problems.

I Figured I’d share SecJuice which helps you with some interesting things.
Thanks to another YT Video: Finding Unharded Tor Hidden Services Which does work without Fresh Onions but requires a subdomain will also work.

Have fun and stay safe, Let’s shut these fraudsters down. I’ll publish some videos in the coming days/weeks showing you how to deal with every time of fraudster I take down.

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