United States Student Loan Assistance Center is back messing with my family again.

calling them

@TheSpartan18#67615 called told them to sub to Pewdiepie be agreed

Is this really a scam? They don’t sound like Indians at all.

so i called and no matter what amount i never qualified


@RALPHY88#67629 They have received multiple complaints and when I hung up on them they spoofed their number called back and gave that number.

@Swaluver88#67631 Dude change your approach they are idiot scammers.

They seem to be an american scamming company. To avoid getting everyone in trouble, stick to overseas scammers.

@erikk77#67641 well they’re phishing scammers.

They said they were going to fuck my mother

@deathcomestoall#67654 What about your sister? usually they tell me the things they will do to my sister too.