I just got a call from that number claiming to be from the ssa ant that their is fraud on my account and to call back with my ssn or I would be arrested

They won’t answer anymore, I played a voodoo chant and the guy hung up

I just called them and said I have this voicemail about my SSN being cancelled WTF (long version) I was admonished about using foul language to a federal gov’t employee, he said go to my local SSA office and he hung up. LOL

Just gave them a call, the number is active. Here is the discussion


So let just make their day... LOL

Just gave them another call. This one is especially good. Is it not funny the same case number and warrant number…

So everyone lets give the scammers hell..

@shakey70#58635 Do you sleep with goats or what!? XD I’m dying XD