Tool to find scam websites

Hi, I made a little Python script that can help you find newly registered potential scam websites

  1. Go to Newly Registered Domains | Get All Lists For Free or Downloads - (You’re going to have to change the file name to “domain-names.txt”) and download any .zip/.txt file from the last 4 days with tons of newly registered domains ( has way more)
    then put the .txt file in a folder
  2. Download the python file to the same folder
  3. Run the python file in Terminal with “python3” (check that you have python3 installed)
  4. If everything is correct, it will ask you for keywords to filter out websites, to find some scam websites I recommend using keywords like “microsoft,support,windows,247,tech,apple,paypal,amazon,office,” and so on

It will now generate and open an html file with a list of the links, at the top is also a button which chooses and opens websites randomly. Most of the websites will be down/not yet set up, though.

I have found a couple pop-up scams and mostly phishing scams with this tool

(You may want to use a VPN, especially if you’re not located in the US)

I hope you like it! Please let me know if it helped you and if you have any feedback :slight_smile:


Very cool! I’ll check it out.


THANKS! Works.


It works very well! Excellent job!


Thank you!!!