Todays scam calls, phone numbers

Scam Number: See below
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Today I have seemed to have won many sweepstakes LOL. If you wanted to have some fun here are the names and phone numbers of those who have called me today

301-337-8645 Rebecca with Mega Millions
623-335-7249 Didn’t write down what sweepstakes
506-606-5673 “Chase” bank verifying to me that I won Mega Millions and needed to confirm account information
210-876-2422 Christopher Thousands PCH
702-746-7889 Unclaimed Dept of Justice Department, James Parker
702-825-4575 was the main number for Unclaimed Dept of Justice LOL
615-502-5458 Tim American Cash Award Financial

So if you want to have some fun there are some numbers to the scammers from today. As many scam calls as I get daily I could give numbers daily. :smiley:


The numbers have been successfully reported to the appropriate hosting services for investigation

This is an automated message

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506-606-5673 → chase bank transferring me to boss for winning same guy i’m getting a check apparently lol textnow subscriber got spooked

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I am actually trying to convince him to login outside work hours to cut my check :slight_smile:

little update it dawned on me my convo with him he was very naive and also he admitted he was monitored at work.

So just goes to show how lucrative these guys must be if cutting scam checks what i usually see here is it is hacked companies info or forged checks that sometimes cash and bounce its sort of like a 70/30% shot type thing.