8555260198 / 855-526-0198 TicketMaster

Thanks to @FIREFIGHTER619 for finding out who they were other than the endless “support” I was getting

This is quite a common scam, I find 2-3 new toll free numbers each week with them doing this fake concert/event ticketing scam.

This is very lucrative with some woke wankers blindly paying thousands for non existing event tickets or to events which were initially sold out within the first 30 seconds of going online for sale


Scott from Suppoat

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You got some suppoat as well :joy::joy:

Firefighter assures me they are TicketMaster with this recording he sent me
I have edited his voice out as I don’t like posting other peoples voices without their permission

Why in gods green earth can’t they say who they pretend to be day to day

Probably because they don’t limit themselves by roping themselves into the boundary of a particular identity and will be anyone at any time, which I’ve found them doing many times on many numbers.
Calling them with several hundred calls in very rapid concurrent succession has had them answering as every refund, Microsoft and streaming TV service

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Man i can’t even post what I want to say lol

Porting number

These numbers have all been active on and off for many weeks, two of them for many months doing this insidious bullshit scam

8668081453 TicketMaster was Facebook support was TicketMaster
8883874322 TicketMaster
8443330883 TicketMaster

In the last year there has been dozens of toll free numbers impersonating TicketMaster


they must not have got enough love yesterday, they’re all back from the comfort of their own apartment living room sofa again

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found a website they may be associated with Contact Us – OnlineTicket Solution

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Yeah I know of a lot of these sorts of websites for scammers
There are dozens of fake TicketMaster websites in all countries and languages around the world too
this is a very very big dollar scam these days which I’ve picked up a lot of numbers in the last 12 months.
These scammers are up against some not very clever individuals with this scam.
They gladly hand over insane amounts of money for non existing event tickets, just so they can race down to the coffee shop and boast to their other airhead friends they got tickets to the Taylor Swift concert (that was sold out within the first 2 minutes it went on sale)

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how ironic when i called i used taylor swift but she was sold out :rofl:

There’s more active numbers today
This first number in the list has been active sporadically for a few months, sometimes going weeks without active status

I’ve added all the fake as fuck websites which they use for this nonsense.

8665792304 TicketMaster Contact – Your Swift Passage to Unforgettable Experiences https://www.ticketssolution.site/
8668081453 TicketMaster was Facebook support was TicketMaster 8883873696 Contact Us – OnlineTicket Solution
8883874322 TicketMaster Community
8555260198 TicketMaster
8443330883 TicketMaster
8332390550 TicketMaster was Microsoft Defender Trojan spyware alert

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