Three Calls - Femscammer yelled at me

210-664-7562 – FIrst call was a femscammer who got so frustrated she yelled at me. She transferred me to a guy who said my SSN was invalid (It is not). Called back and got hung up on. Called back and got a guy pretending to be a woman. Got hung up on. Called back and got a FOUL MOUTHED pig. Daddy talked to the creep. @drwat I need your help again on the last call because he says stuff in HIndi.

@JusticeinTexas#76244 Love that term femscammer. I make a motion that it be adopted by all and used. It is perfect. Well done and great job as always with the recordings :slight_smile:

unbelievable I just had a normal conversation with one of the scammers about money and more things. He even said he played Pub G ill post the video in a little

@JusticeinTexas#76244 I’m having some fun with this POS by using the FireRTC sounds.

@blazennoiseboy#76249 Thank you. I don’t remember where I got that term. It would be great if people used it. I hate women scammers with a passion. They are mean and they always yell at me.

@AlanGreen2#76269 Haha! He sounds like he needs to use the bathroom. What a mental case!

I got in to a 15 minute discussion with one of the scammers and he started talking to me about his life choices, LMAO I said some pretty stupid stuff to wind him up but it went on for so much longer than I thought ahahah and he tells me how he will quit the job if he can not manage to scam someone within a month, ahaha!

Seems they are having paranoia. He says in Hindi which roughly means that you are “Hijra” (transgender in Hindi) , some genetic problem, says the scammer.

That “Rachel” is so vicious like a cobra snake.

@Zeranock#76282 Yeah, that is what they all say. “I have been only doing this for a week” or “I will quit in three days”. Total liars. Nice taunting. They think that everything they say is something original that you have never heard before. I have heard that orphan story or no parents story so many times. They feel they can call us any vile name but insult THEIR mother and they get so angry. At least you don’t get the gang rape and mutilation stuff. You have a really nice voice! ; )

@drwat#76314 HAHA! So that is why he kept saying talk like a man. Yes, and Rachel could not handle me at all. I love how they think SSA would yell at a citizen.