This may seem like a stupid question

I am planning on running memz on my VM in the near future right as a scammer starts to connect to my computer and catch reactions. I’ve tried looking this up but haven’t found anything helpful so far. I’m trying to be as safe as I can and I’m just trying to make sure, it will not affect my real computer right? I have some important stuff here that I’d rather not lose.

It won’t unless the scammer is both smart and vm aware.

i’d be very careful though there are smart scammers out there. most of them are dumm?but not all of them.

Use a Vm, Use the 30 Day evaluation deep freeze software to protect your vm on reboot, and set the size of your vm to 500GB or more. What i would do is use a code that when a scammer opens eventvwr, cmd, or any thing like syskey, they will get the admin prompt forever.

I’m confused, if they are smart, how will that make memz on the vm affect my real computer?