This is gonna sound really weird

But every time I go on this site I see a bonzi buddy on my phone. I’m not sure what’s happening or if it’s some sort of joke. Is the site being hacked or something? Or is it just me experiencing him?

That’s just for everyone.I too was spooked initially,but I realised that Thunder might have added it,so as to make his website look more interesting.Also you can try to inspect its elements.:slight_smile:

You see it has been added in the source code itself-

<div style="display: none; width: 200px; height: 160px; background: <br/> This website gets you the bonzi map-</p></t>

Oh OK good. I wasn’t sure of I accidentally installed something malicious or not on my phone. Them I saw “let’s stop scammers” and got confused lol

I’m just pranking the users. :^)


Yeah you got me good.

How is the script running on this site xD


clippy.js @iMosser#9083

@thunder#9078 can you take it off now…it takes up most of the screen space on mobile.

@1337mathster#9185 Please Don’t ban me again. That was not necessary.

@david_slow_18#9193 Your comments weren’t necessary.

And you were jerk. @david_slow_18#9193