This idiot put the entire message in the subject line

This idiot put the entire message in the subject line so the end of the message got cut off.

Email sender: “Mr. John Garry” [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Email title: The entire message body was in the subject line–see below
WELCOME TO CITIBANK OF AMERICA. 1217 Metropolitan Parkway Atlanta GA 30310 , United States. TO YOUR ATTENTION! This is to inform you that a compensation payment in the amount of US$5,000,000.00 (Five Million United State Dollars) was legally approved and deposited few days ago with our Bank, Citibank Branch Office here in Atlanta Georgia United States, and it was deposited in your name by the foreign debts settlement/compensation committee of the Executive Directors Of World Bank Group in conjunction with the European Union Board Of Directors, and they instructed us to credit this fund direct to your private bank account with immediate effect, Meanwhile, the good news about your fund now is that your compensation payment file with some of the legal documents backing this fund has been forwarded to the US Department of State and the United Nations for final approval, And we shall proceed with the transfer immediately we hear from you because we were mandated to transfer this fund to y

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I replied with this:

If you’re too stupid to know you don’t put the entire message in the subject line, I don’t think you’re smart enough to conduct this transaction.

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